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Ravelro ™ 360 Dash Camera

Ravelro ™ 360 Dash Camera

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Ultra surveillance. AI detects people, tracks movements, pinpoints locations. Stay vigilant as passersby flock to your car.
Fault-proof collision detection. Exclusive algorithm captures vital data for fault determination. Auto-detects collision direction, pivots, and records 30-second video.
Velocity compresses 30 mins into 1, showcasing surroundings. Witness key moments, breathtaking vistas, with minimal memory and battery consumption.

Unmatched low-light brilliance and vibrant colors in extreme contrast conditions. From dark tunnels to dazzling sunlight, experience top-notch performance. Embedded F1.5 wide aperture amplifies light intake for superior clarity.

Advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) takes the lead. Identifies risks with vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles, alerting drivers to evade danger. Experience top-tier protection for you and your passengers.

GPS built-in that can assist drivers with route monitoring and locating their vehicle after parking it or in the case that it was moved without permission.
Exclusive voice commands revolutionize camera usage on the go. Start recording, adjust lens effortlessly while driving, ensuring utmost safety. Stay focused on the road while capturing precious moments.
Parking surveillance system, empowered by the 4G Hardwire Kit, notifies you instantly via the app upon detecting suspicious incidents or collisions. Stay informed and take swift action at the earliest indication of trouble.
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