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Dynamic Start Up HoodBeam Kit

Dynamic Start Up HoodBeam Kit

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TRANSFORM ANY CAR, TRUCK, OR SUV! (Fits All Makes & Models)

Introducing the HoodBeam from Flux Geare™. The best custom car light on the market. The HoodBeam is more than just a light bar. With a unique Dynamic Startup Technology™. Add a little something extra that will leave your friends speechless.  
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"The dynamic startup is something I have never seen before!"    

Dynamic startup technology allows for a smooth transition between on & off. Easy installation & tight fit creates an aura that projects the lead between the hood, creating a sleek "beam" like lighting.  

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Why Customers Love Flux Geare™

  • Installation Time: 2 Minutes
  • Movement: DynamicStartupp 
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • LED Voltage: 12V
  • Price: Affordable For Everyone

Simple 2 Min Installation 

Please stick to the top or bottom of the hood and attach the black wire to the negative pole and the red wire to whichever you want to start it (car start, headlights, brights).
Do Not Cut

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